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Scotchcoulthard Farm & Holiday Cottages

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Haltwhistle NE49 9NH


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We are 7 miles from the nearest town (Haltwhistle) with the last 4 miles only passing about 6 houses.

For the last 2 miles there are no houses, it is a single track road and is unfenced.

There are usually sheep and cows wandering over the road and lambs in spring time. We ask you to be careful when driving through them.


On entering our property there is a cattle grid and then ½ mile of farm track. It has pot-holes which we periodically fill in. However they act as a deterrent to speeding!

If you take it slowly and carefully you will be fine.

Please do not drive on the hay meadows (even if there are already tyre tracks) It ruins the meadow and you can get stuck. If that should happen we have to get the local farmer to come and pull you off!


The Cottages.

We try to be there on your arrival but sometimes events prevent that. Your cottage will be ready and you can go straight in. 


If anything doesn’t work, is broken or is missing please let us know straight away so we can fix or replace it.

If something breaks down while you are here please tell us. If we can repair or replace it we will. If not there will be some recompense.

Please remember we are many miles from diy shops and so getting spare parts can sometimes be a problem!



We are not on mains water but are spring fed. This means our water is delicious and free from chemicals. However it does mean it can run slow and if not used sparingly it can run out. Most of the year the tanks fill up quickly but we ask you to be sensible in your usage.

During a really dry spell we have to be extra careful.



The Farm and Dogs.

We welcome dogs and have no restriction on numbers and do not charge any extra. Please be aware that this is a farm.

We have 178 acres of land on which you can walk. There are some sheep and cows but not too many. However they are moved around and so sometimes the fields around the house may have livestock on. There are always other places to go to let your dog have a run and as long as it is under control it doesn’t always have to be on a lead. Please ask for the best places to go.





Complaints Procedure.

We will do everything possible to give you an acceptable standard of accommodation. However, very occasionally, things can go wrong.

If there is a problem please immediately let us know so we can resolve them as soon as possible.

If we can’t resolve the problem to yours and our satisfaction then we will work out some compensation between us.

However if you do not let us know and then complain after departure giving us no opportunity to resolve the matter we will not offer any compensation.

We are always available for a discussion.



Booking and Cancellation.

Payment can be made in full or by deposit to secure your holiday booking. Bookings made within 6 weeks of the holiday must be paid in full. Full balance is due 4 weeks prior to the holiday.

We do send a reminder about 5 weeks prior.

Deposits and final payments  are non-refundable so insurance is advised.

If you should wish to cancel we can hold the deposit against another holiday during the following year.

If you cancel after the full amount has been paid we will only refund if we manage to re-book the cottage.

We may have to reduce the price to get a booking and so we will refund the reduced amount.



If you book all three cottages we will give 10% discount on the smallest one.

If you book a fortnight we will give 5% on the second week.

If you book a second time we will give 5% off .


Sometimes there are offers on late bookings or at quiet times of the year. Please ask or check the web-site.


Andrew and Susan Saunders




NE49 9NH


01434 344470

We are located at:

Scotchcoulthard Farm & Self-Catering Holiday Cottages


Andrew and Susan Saunders
Scotchcoulthard Farm



NE49 9NH

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May Half Term - Sat 25 May - Sat 1 June


High Tipalt is still available.

Wednesday 29th - Sat 1st June

3 nights - £380

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